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 Paladin's Place Mods & Utilities

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PostSubject: Paladin's Place Mods & Utilities    Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:50 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Paladin's Place has a lot of helpful mods and programs that can help with some of the annoying issues of the game.


• Sims 2 NPC Replacer - The Sims 2 NPC Replacer allows you to easily alter the default outfits of most NPCs in the game. The changes are made globally so all that existing NPCs and newly created NPCs will be wearing the new default outfits. This program works without the use of a "no NPC revert" hack. NPC replacement packages can be easily swapped in and out of the game. There is also a feature to create and load entire sets of NPC replacement packages.

• Sims 2 Hack Conflict Detection Utility - This small program will look for multiple packages in your Sims 2 Downloads folder that modify the same global procedure. If two packages modify the same global procedure, they might very well conflict with each other, causing one or both to break.

I wrote this program for my own use after having several hack conflicts. It is a very simple program. It only finds the possible conflicts. It is up to you to resolve any conflicts that are detected.

• Sims 2 Categorizer - This program is the Sims 2 version of my SimCategorizer program for Sims 1. It allows you to easily edit all of the catalog information of any custom object. The program includes a help file that explains all of the fields on the edit window. Objects may be moved or deleted along with all of their recolors. Recolor textures may be viewed and selectively deleted if desired.


Generic (All Versions) Fixes

• Get The Closest Plate Stupid - When sims collect a stack of plates, they do so in a VERY inefficient way. They tend to wander all over the lot, sometimes going to a plate that is extremely far away, even if several other plates are much closer. This fix makes them check the distance to all of the plates on the lot and then choose the closest one to add to the stack. Employees and sims picking up plates on business lots are much more efficient with this fix. Requires Nightlife or the Open For Business expansion pack.

• Dancing Don't Make You Stinky - One of my rich sims had a nice dance club. It was quite nice, other than the smell. After his customers spent any significant amount of time dancing, they would literally stink. Seeing all the green stink waves and hearing all the gagging and wretching noises got old in a hurry. This fix alters one small procedure so that dancing will no longer make sims stink.

• Fire Brigade - With the incindiary bomb I gave sims 2 players the ability to create gigantic fires. Now with the Fire Brigade I am giving them the ability to put gigantic fires out.  The Fire Brigade will spawn one firefighter for every seven tiles of fire on the lot, up to a maximum of eight. This fix should work with all versions of The Sims 2.

• Throw Massive Parties - This fix will increase the number of people that you can invite to parties. Up to 255 sims can be invited to a party, regardless of your system specs. Note: Huge parties can make your game run very slowly if you don't have the hardware to display and animate all those sims.

• Stop All Attraction Reactions - This fix stops sims from swooning or gagging when they see someone they are attracted to or repulsed by. The swooning was bad enough, but the gagging was driving me nuts.

Note: Does not prevent swooning at romance sims. That is different code and is not a part of the attraction system.

• No Free Lunch - Prevents a group meal from serving up plates of food after it is empty. I have seen a 6 serving group meal serve up to 12 plates of food. Maxis forgot to check the serving count after the sim has routed to the serving platter or bowl.

• Invite Entire Household - This fix alters the invite household dialog so that you can always invite all family members, regardless of the maximum number of visitors the game thinks you should have.

Open For Business Fixes

• Employees Don't Get Served - Sims serving a group meal on a lot with a home business will not set a place for employees who are on the job. Since employees won't stop what they are doing to eat anyway, setting a place for them is pointless.
Note: If you have Apartment Life installed you must use the special Apartment Life version. If you do not have Apartment Life you should use the other version.

• Frozen Customer Fix - Under certain circumstances an OFB customer will freeze up when standing at the cash register. The frozen customer will stand there like a statue, blocking the register from further use. This often causes the next customer in line to become blocked, so they will throw down their bags in frustration. The problem is caused by the register clerk and the frozen customer becoming out of sync during the beginning of the transaction. This fix should completely eliminate the dreaded frozen customer syndrome. I consider this to be a critical fix for Open For Business.

• Help Shoppers First - This fix makes NPC employees help shoppers who need help before looking for sims to perform sales interactions on. It is available in two versions: Basic Sell Only and Full Sales Options. The basic sell only version will limit the sales person to only performing a basic sell with customers. It is the version that I prefer to use in my own game.

• Mood Check For Sales Interactions - This fix inserts a mood check into the NPC sales person "find customer" code. If a sim is in a bad mood, the sales people will stay clear of them. This fix does not prevent bad sales interactions. Instead it seems to prevent the sales people from hammering grouchy sim with an endless barrage of failed sales attempts. The effect is subtle, but it does seem to work.

• Crafting Station Routing Fix - If you have a business with more than one employee using a crafting station, you may have noticed a small problem. When your employees show up for work, the first employee will go to the nearest crafting station and start working. The rest of the employees will go to the same crafting station, see that it is in use when they get to it and then they go find someplace to start goofing off.

This fix will cause employees that arrive at a crafting station that is in use to find another one to use. The zip file includes fixes for all three types of crafting stations (Robot, Toy and Flowers).

• Customers Leave After Purchase - This fix will make customers leave the store after completing their purchases. It is available in two versions. The Playables Don't Go Broke version will prevent playable sims from spending their hard earned money and loading up their inventory with junk. They will still shop and buy things, but it won't deduct the money from their family funds and the objects they buy will not go into their inventories.

• Improved Perk Up Interaction - The business reward Perk Up was almost completely useless as originally implemented in the Open For Business expansion pack. The interaction required a substantial relationship between the two sims and the motive cost was HUGE for the sim doing the perking up. This fix makes the Perk Up interaction much more useful for the average business owner by reducing both the relationship requirements and the motive cost. Requires the Open For Business expansion pack

• Bandatron - Playables Don't Go Broke - This fix prevents playable sims from spending any actual money when buying a ticket from a Bandatron (ticket machine). The sim will still buy a ticket and become a customer, but the playable sim's bank account will not be affected.

• Pay Owner To Play - This fix will credit the owner of a business 5 simoleans each time someone plays an arcade game. It only does this on business lots. The money is not deducted from the bank account of the sim playing the game.

• Increased Reporter Spawnage - Your sim has a higher chance of being struck by lighting or bursting into flames than they do of seeing a reporter make a second visit to their business. I found that to be a rather unacceptable state of affairs. This fix will give an unreviewed business a 50% chance of getting a reporter visit.

• Massage - Playables Don't Go Broke - his fix prevents playable sims from spending any actual money when purchasing a massage. It is most useful when running an OFB massage business. Your other playable sims will not lose any money when being a customer at the massage business.

Seasons Fixes

• No Random Bursting Into Flames - Prevents sims from randomly bursting into flames because they are hot. This is IMHO an essential fix for the Seasons expansion pack.

• No Social Worker For Hot Or Cold - Prevents the social worker from appearing because a child is too hot or too cold. You will still get the warning dialogs, but no social worker will show up for temperature related neglect.

• No Reacting To Rain Or Snow - Prevents sims from running to the window and doing the "ooh it's raining" thing. It is cute the first few times, but after that it is just plain annoying.

• Employees Use Farmer's Discount - With this fix in place, gardening employees that fertilize or plant crops will use the farmer's (business owner's) garden club discount

Bon Voyage Fixes

• Axe Throwing Don't Make You Stinky - For some strange reason, axe throwing in Bon Voyage will trash a sim's hygiene very quickly. I had axe throwing on an entertainment venue and before I knew it, half of the businesses patrons had green stink waves following them around. This fix will take the stink out of axe throwing all together.

• Service NPC Fixes - The hotel maid provided in Bon Voyage was truly defective, to the point of not working at all. The second patch did fix the logical errors in the code, but the hotel maid (housekeeper NPC) still does not work as well as my fixed version. On my NPC page I have a fix for the Bon Voyage hotel maid as well as a fix that makes the bellhop perform repairs on the lot while he is idle.

FreeTime Fixes

• Employees Make Pottery Dammit - If you have a business with more than one employee using a pottery wheel, you may have noticed a small problem. When your employees show up for work, the first employee will go to the nearest pottery wheel and start working. The rest of the employees will go to the same pottery wheel, see that it is in use when they get to it and then they will go find someplace to start goofing off. This fix will cause employees that arrive at a pottery wheel that is in use to find another one to use.

• Stop All Hobby Related Idle Gestures - This fix will stop all hobby related idle gestures. Sure they were cute at first, but after a while they just got on my nerves...

• Model Trains Don't Burst Into Flames -  The Model Train Table has a 2% chance of bursting into flames every time it is operated on a residential lot. This fix completely eliminates the possibility of that happening. Model trains do not burst into flames in real life and I can't see any reason they should in the Sims 2.

• NPC Phonebook Fix - After the installation of FreeTime the phonebook no longer shows any of the NPCs that should be callable, such as the Maid, Gardener, Etc. This is due to a glitch in the new LUA script that is supposed to filter out the "uncallable" NPCs. This fix makes the non-BV NPCs callable again and has the added bonus of allowing you to call the new Hobby Club Leaders on the phone.

Apartment Life Fixes

• Harvested Plants Disappear Promptly - After installing Apartment Life there was an issue with garden plants not disappearing promptly after being harvested. This was causing problems with the "Harvest Many" option in addition to making my Employee Gardening Controller rather inefficient when harvesting was going on. This fix changes the global code for garden plants so that they will be removed much more promptly after being harvested or composted.

• Show Item To Fix - Apartment Life changed things so that a customer needed to be greeted before the "show item to" social interaction was available. This adversely affected the way in which I ran my businesses. This fix allows the "Show Item To" social interaction to be used on ungreeted sims on community lots.

• No NPC Witches On Community Lots (CindaLove's personal favorite) - This fix will prevent NPC witches from appearing on any community lot. It will not prevent playable witches from showing up as visitors or customers. It only affects the NPC witches.

• Cafeteria Worker For Apartment Lots - This fix will cause the ShinyTyme Cooktop from University to spawn a cafeteria worker on apartment lots. The cafeteria worker will perform the same functions as they do on Uni dorm lots.
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Paladin's Place Mods & Utilities
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